Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

I love holidays, but I really prefer they don't fall on Sundays or Mondays, so we can do fun things.  This year each of my girls got a heart locket with a picture of their dad and me in it.  Emma and Kira put theirs right on (woke me up to do it, as a matter-of-fact).  Ben made his Lego Ben 10 character with just a little help from me!  Then the kids had to write their names on the Valentines we bought.  Ben didn't want to, so Kira did it for him!  How sweet!  I hope their Valentine's Parties went well!  At home I needed to figure out how to get a cheap washer for under $300.  I called one place and they told me what I wanted to hear:  a washer for $100!  So, Emma and I went straight there and bought not only the washer, but a dryer too (Emma picked it) for under $200!  I feel very blessed!  We took the washer home first and I helped Scott get it inside.  Then I went back for the dryer and when I came back Scott had cleared the area out and was vacuuming!  How sweet!  We got the old ones out and the new ones in (Scott did all of the hard work) and we were able to get going on our huge pile of laundry, within two hours of me leaving to buy it!  Woohoo!  Happy Valentine's Day!

                                       Our "new" washer and dryer!

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