Sunday, February 20, 2011

That Leah!

Leah had a great day, which didn't make things work very well for me.  She's lucky enough to have siblings that are perfectly willing to leave things out for her to destroy! It all started after church (thankfully) when she found an almost full can of peanut butter that was open and low enough for her!  I looked at her and I was not happy camper!  I was trying to eat lunch and there she was covered in peanut butter.  I documented it though:
After she got cleaned up (Scott and I both worked on her), she did well for a little while, until she got ahold of the box of Whales crackers.  Everyone was pouring out a few in their hands.  Not Leah, she poured the whole box on the floor!  Luckily it wasn't even a half-full box!  Then she had a blowout in her diaper that I had to clean:  her and the computer chair.  Someone gave her pudding, so she was covered in that soon after.  My house is a mess and, of course, my husband invited a friend in.  My youngest three were only in diapers from my not having a chance to get them in new pjs.  Oh well!  Then she decided she didn't want to go to bed, so I let her cuddle with her daddy.  That didn't work!  So, she stayed up awhile after her bedtime.  Gggrrr....  She's alseep now though!  Phew!  Now to my crying baby, but here's a cute picture of her in her obvious pjs.  Why put "baby" on pjs?  Can someone not tell?

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