Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Good deals!

So, lately I've gotten very into deals and free things.  Probably because our tax return is going to be about as big as it was when we only had Ben.  Yeah.  Maybe Ben and Kira.  Either way, yikes!  So, I've found this website,  Of course, if you want to join up, let me know and I'll send you an email to get you $5 off your first order.  What it is is awesome!  You pay $16 for a medium flat rate box full of what you want.  For instance, they have boxes full of clothes in all different sizes and brands, and you can pick whatever box you want!  Super cool!  I've ordered my first box and am waiting patiently to get my boxes to start packing.  The super cool thing about it is that you get boxes to fill and post them, and if someone picks your box they send you an email to print the postage label, the postal carrier picks it up at your house and you get a credit for a free box!  So, you're swapping not needed clothes for needed clothes!  I'm so incredibly excited!  I'm going to pare my kids clothes down considerably, because who wants to keep ten totes around full of clothes when youknow you can swap to get the clothes you need when you need them?  I'm going to keep my favorites and some of every size, so I'm covered until a box can come in.  Either way, I'm pretty excited!  I've already pulled the stuff Cecilia has outgrown and stuff Leah is unwilling to wear (she's picky)!  I've also discovered, which I think is trying to become like snapfish and shutterfly.  They are super cheap, have great deals, and just for signing up you get a ton of free stuff!  Awesome!  I'm getting over 1200 prints for free over the next year, plus free photo gifts.  I'll be doing my Christmas shopping early this year!  Either that or really cool Birthday presents.  And if you want some mindless entertainment, there's another blog hop giveaway.  This one is over 100 blogs and they're giving away something handmade at every one!  I signed up at maybe ten and got tired.  Super cool stuff though, if I thought I could win I would sign up at most of them!  You can start here:
I'm completely loving these snow days!  Not going to school that is.  And how lucky do I feel that the longest day of the week and the day that I had a test is one of the snow days?  Woohoo!  Though I did get a 91 on the test I took last Thursday (without studying)!  Not that I suggest that at all, but I'm still barely functioning.  I'm getting about 5-6 hours of sleep, max.  If I'm lucky.  Last night, and the night before she ate and ate and ate and was super gassy and would not go to sleep.  At about 1:30, Scott swapped me, so I could go to sleep.  He says that he gave me the baby and I fed her at some point, but I don't remember it at all.  I woke up with Cecilia on one side and Leah on the other.  Surprise!  I must have been super tired!
Yesterday we managed to get the main floor looking pretty good, so Leah could crumble the yummy cake and muffins I made on the floor and for Emma to put the Stain Release gel all over the toilet seat, the washer lid, and the sink in the downstairs bathroom; squish out tubes of stuff (I'm not sure what all she wasted and I'm scared to know, so Scott helped her clean it up), pour Dawn into a cup, Baby bath (two of them) into cups and stick them in the fridge.  Um, yeah.  I'm glad she's good on the weekend for my family. 
On the good news side, I randomly got a package I wasn't expecting.  I guess I won something at the blog:  iamareadernotawriter.  I got three children's books in the mail.  I like "The Ballad of the Rag Man!"  It's a poem about a little girl who is scared of this guy that picks things out of the trash until she sees him take her teddy bear that was trashed and she follows him.  She finds that he fixes things and she wakes up to find her teddy bear all fixed at the end of her bed in the morning.  Very sweet story.  "Do Witches Make Fishes?"  is really not what I was expecting.  The illustrations are not drawn well, and the words do not rhyme as they should.  I doubt any child would enjoy this book.  I think the whole premise of a kid not wanting to eat real food, only candy is believable, but suddenly he wishes his mom away and she turns into a witch who says strange things, so he throws candy at her and then wishes his mom back.  Strange.  The title has nothing to do with the story.  Strange book.  The last book I got was "The Adventures of Blue Ocean Bob: Blue Ocean Bob Discovers His Purpose."  It looks like it could be great, after reading the words, but the outside is very off putting.  I didn't want to open it, because of the front of the book.  There's too much going on and once again, the illustrations are not well-done.  If I can draw it that well, that's not a good sign!  Since I've had no training whatsoever!  My kids don't care though, and Ben still hasn't read this book, though he was thrilled to read the Ballad of the Rag Man and when I read it to Emma, he coame running over, "I knew that was the Rag Man!"  I'm glad I got these books for free! 
Now back to the real world.  Ha!  The land of a crying baby and messy house.  Here's hoping I'm smart enough to check the dryer, so the clothes don't freeze, like they did yesterday!

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