Sunday, June 3, 2012

Picture catchup

Prepare for tons of pictures, and luckily for you, I deleted the forty or so that Emma took of herself, and various other blurry pictures.
 Cecilia holding Corky's hand (before we moved)
 Ben and a bird?
 Ben loved this one!
 Cecilia cheesing it up as she moves, so it's a little blurry!
 Ben being silly.  He was bored hanging out in Visser Hall!
 Wearing my little sister's pj bottoms.  Sorry Sambo, but they fit!  I was pretty happy about it, since I'm over eight months pregnant!
 The girls in the midst of the water fight.  It did not go well.  Kira was convinced that everyone was out to get her.
 Cecilia in her cute swimsuit, courtesy of a loving Aunt!
 Leah was squirting at me, but luckily it wasn't going far.
 Emma's pouty face.  I see it a lot!  Forgive the mess, this was right after we moved in.
 The huge mess Kira made with Baby powder.  The good news is that we're out now!
 Leah riding the horsies.  She had fun on her Mom and Aunt Mandy outing.
 While Mandy was changing clothes, I wanted an updated picture of my belly, and Leah loved the mirrors!
 Emma on her new bike, once she got the hang of it.  I had to help her out for the first part, until I realized that one of the training wheels wasn't on the ground.  I fixed that, and she was off!
This was what I saw for the rest of the way.  Sadly the camera died before I could take pictures of Kira trying to bike without training wheels for the first time on her new bike.  (I bought two bikes and two sets of training wheels at a garage sale for $12, and Scott pieced the two together to make a good one)   Scott says she went ten feet without help!  Whenever she gets scared, she jumps off.  She did that with the training wheels too!  So that is the picture update for the past few weeks!  Hopefully this camera charges fast and I get pictures of my pretty girls in their new dresses today!  They actually woke up early and took a bath and got dressed all by themselves!  Nice!  I still need to make brunch and do their hair, but I'm still pretty happy!

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