Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sundays as a "Single mom"

I'm certainly eating my words today!  I made the mistake of telling Brother Cayton that I had no problems last Sunday without Scott.  Ha!  Karma came back to bite me!  My family took Emma again and it turns out that Leah wanted to fill Emma's Hash-baz shoes.  The stinker!  Scott left before seven and I had three girls in bed with me!  No wonder I was exhausted when I woke up!  Whenever I have a kid in bed with me (and I'm not exhausted) I sleep super light.  Which makes me really tired and very grouchy.  I got up, fed Cecilia some and got the baths started.  Kira put water in for Ben, because she refused to be first.  I helped Leah next and we were running out of time quickly.  I got Leah dressed and she didn't like her dress, that I just got this week.  It was silky, so I was surprised that she was so uncomfortable with it.  So we went to her room to see if there was one she was willing to wear.  Being lazy, I only showed her the ones that matched her black tights.   No go on all of them, so I picked the next one and just put it on her.  She started screaming like I had hurt her, which woke Cecilia up.  So, I went to help her and went ahead and got her dressed (she had a bath yesterday).  As I fed her, Leah got in the bath with Kira.  So, I had to completely change her and chose a nice comfortable play dress.  No complaints.  Phew!  Kira, on the other hand was taking forever, because there were too many bubbles.  There wasn't when I took Leah out.  Then she wouldn't listen to me about washimg her hair.  Ugh, that six-year-old had better figure things out fast, mom and dad are in charge!  When we finally left, church had already started.  Since Leah likes to get in the driver's seat while I put Cecilia in.  We made it during the sacrament song.  Hurray!  Good talks, especially the one about coming early.  Why is it so hard for me?  I can be thirty minutes early and can get everyone ready by eight, but can't get to church by ten.  I'll keep working on it!  I left Cecilia with Scott and headed to the Nursery where Leah was the problem child today.  They gave us chocolate animal crackers to give these little children.  Leah was MAD that I didn't give her any (since we don't eat chocolate) and threw her plain animal crackers and water on the floor.  As we were cleaning up, she snuck a couple from one of the other kids.  Grumble, grumble.  Then I finally got a key to the cabinet, but it wasn't the toy cabinet, so I had the opportunity to swap items in cabinets.  I did some cleaning while in there.  Luckily, Ashli did a fantastic job with the kids as I was figuring things out!  We managed to all get out to the car and inside the house safely and Leah had fallen asleep!  Hurray!  I made lunch for all of us and managed to eat before feeding the baby.  I got about ten minutes of a nap before the phone rang.  It was my husband with a question that I could answer.  Yay me!  Not too long later he was home to eat something.  I got a phone call from my mamaw, which was exciting!  I LOVE my mamaw!  I named Leah after her!  Scott made a few phone calls and paced holding Cecilia until his home teaching partner showed up at about 4 (about 20 minutes after he got home) and he was gone until 6:30.  In the meantime I had "made" gingerbread cookies, rose some rolls, talked to my family and Emma and cooked beef stew.  I really need to start making things from scratch again.  We'll see when I build up to that!  I feel like a milk cow right now. the price I pay for a three or four hour "break."  Scott ate dinner, gave the kids their vitamins and headed to bed, at about eight.  I made him take Leah.  My little stripper.  I have a feeling it's going to get worse.  Luckily, she's not even 2 yet!  So, she's not very coordinated or strong and I have a chance!  I got all the kids in bed for Cecilia to wake up.  I've changed at least 5 poopy diapers and I think I smell another one.  What a day!  I need another ibruprofen!

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