Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Eighth Book Review

I started picking some of my old favorites out of my bookshelf and picked up Finding Paradise by Michele Ashman Bell.  I really enjoy her writing.  This is about a librarian Morgan who goes out of her box to Cancun to her best friend's beach wedding and how her life completely changes because of it!  She hangs out with the groom's best man and he helps her do things she was too scared to try.  The largest part of the book is her trying to figure out if it's really love or if she should just go for the guy who's there (her on-off boyfriend).  Because the other guy, yes she felt a connection but they hadn't seen in each other and he hardly ever talked to her, so she just wasn't sure.  I'm super glad that she figured things out, because the boyfriend was BORING!  Great dialogue and certainly encourages going out and doing fun things-especially karaoke!

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