Wednesday, January 4, 2012

First Book Review

Since part of the 100 book challenge is reviewing those books on my blog, I'm going to review the one I finished right before yesterday.  It is Seers-book 1 of the Seers trilogy by Heather Frost.  Since I'm just reviewing it for fun, I won't be including the blurb or pictures or anything.  If you just have to see those, you can go here.  The good news is that is definitely worth $5 for your Kindle!  I thought it was a very interesting idea, but I'm already getting very tired of all the paranormal books out there.  Become, No Angel and this one.  It's probably because I've read all of them lately, otherwise it would be fine!  I believe that Satan exists, so the whole Demon thing wasn't too much of a stretch.  But, the needing people who can see auras to find the demons?  Huh?  And the guardians eat, sleep, kiss?  That was going too far for me.  That and the constant reference to pizza!  Aaahhhh!!!  Eat something else!  Not that I don't love pizza, I do.  I just expect to not have constant references to pizza.  That can't possibly be healthy!  I liked it, but didn't love it. 
The premise is that this poor girl loses her parents in a car accident, and she lives, so she becomes a "seer" and can see auras around people and knows what they're feeling.  She sees/meets two guys who don't have auras and it freaks her out and then almost right after she finds about black auras, she sees one (what a happy coincidence).  Then it gets completely unbelievable for me.  She pretty much dumps her alive boyfriend to hang out with a guy who's been dead for over 200 years.  Yeah...  She goes to be with the Guardians when they know a big demon that wants her is in the area.  Because every novice should be allowed to hang out in the car by herself.  Always a good idea.  Then her sisters get kidnapped by the demon (which they had told her was going to happen) and she doesn't tell her boyfriend why she's skipping out on Dance Fun?  I mean, really, her sisters were missing.  Then her grandpa helps with the getting the girls back and she manages to escape from the car that was taking her away and they let her?  I just thought it was too easy.  Way too easy.  I'll probably read the next ones to see if the series can be redeemed.  There are lots of fun parts, because her best friend is awesome!  But the whole lying lots, cheating on her boyfriend, and such makes it hard to like her.

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