Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Ninth Book review

In case you're wondering why I am able to do these lots of reviews, it's because I'm contagious and can't leave my house.  Fun times.  So, I'm finally able to write up all these reviews of books I've read this past couple of weeks!  Since I started in the Michele Ashman Bell part of my bookshelf, I went on to Timeless Moments by her.  This one is absolutely gripping!  It's about Paige, who got breast cancer and her selfish husband couldn't handle it, so he divorced her!  Leaving her to fend for herself and her son (who was in high school)!  Mad craziness!  Luckily, she had her best friend who gave her a MIA/POW bracelet when she was 16, which leads her to write to the soldier's family and when her son finds out about it as they're going through stuff before he leaves for college, he makes her promise to write them and see if he was found.  She does and gets an immediate response, which she brings with her to visit her son and best friend who live close to him (what a coincidence)!  They end up spending lots of time together and he has lots of flashbacks to the Vietnam War.  He has a daughter who is a teenager and Paige is able to understand her pretty well!  So, she helps him out with his daughter who acts out.  Her son starts doing crazy things thanks to his "friend" and who helps him out is quite the surprise!  A very great story!  Especially for those who are dealing with or have dealt with cancer (her best friend gets it and she tries to help her out).

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