Friday, January 13, 2012

My creativity just left!

Not that I blame it!  It has been a rough week!  I fell down the stairs on Friday night and have still been feeling it!  My poor tailbone!  I'm feeling much better now, but am sitting on a pillow, so that might not count.  I'm just excited to be able to get up and down without concentrating!  I was very happy the first few times I did it!  I managed to get through Nursery on Sunday with no thanks to my fellow worker (who didn't show or call) or my husband who was sick and stayed home.  Speaking of said husband (mainly because I LOVE tangents), he has been falling to pieces lately.  The only good news that he has gotten is that his heart is good (which is TERRIFIC news)!  He had strep throat (he thought it was just a cold). And he will be having surgery on his umbilical hernia in a little more than a week and then he has a sleep study to see what is wrong with him!  I'm alternately praying that he gets a job, but not until February, so we can get through all of this first!  Then I have to figure out the whole babysitter thing, but I'm taking things one step at a time!
I started school this week and had the blessed opportunity to get a TB test and my blood taken, all within two days.  I feel incredibly lucky though, because my test was negative!  One of the girls wasn't, and I can't imagine how she feels!  I had to spend over $600 on books!  YIKES!!!  I seriously wonder about how they really feel about teachers.  Are we supposed to be privately funded, because those books cost a fifth of what I got, and we still have to make it to August!  There's no year-round Pell grants anymore.  Thank you wise government.  I appreciate the opportunity to vacation and not go anywhere, because I have no money.  Especially when I start school in August and have no time for work or my family.  We were told that if we had family or fiances to let them go.  Say what?  I say NO WAY!  Especially with a new baby coming (I heard the baby's heartbeat on Wednesday)! 
Sorry, off the soap box.  Either way, I'm excited for the chance to become a teacher and help children learn!  I am really looking forward to all of the teaches I get to do this semester that will better prepare me for the craziness that is Block 2! 
Now if I can just get my photography business off the ground, Leah potty trained, Cecilia weaned, and Scott just trained, I will feel like I am going the right way!
I sure had fun this morning after a very early night (I had my version of a migraine-black spots, so I can do much of anything and went to bed early)!  I woke up early with my little bit and got to having fun!  I straightened up some, cut out a heart and I heart u out of a pinkish shag rug.  I was using the wrong scissors and felt rather silly when Scott pointed out that the Cutco scissors weren't for material.  They can cut through pennies, but not fabric.  Weird!  Then I made a cute little Valentine onesie for the baby coming on Wednesday for pictures.  I also made more of the cute heart hair clippies.  Adorable!  Then I wanted to work on March hair clippies too, so I made some three leaf clover clippies too!  So, now I have two months taken care of in my year assortment (I want to make bows for a whole year to sell)!  I think I'm going to do flowers and rainbows next.  Or butterflies.
Either way, that is why my creativity is gone.  I used it all up this morning in between my girls making each other scream.  While asking if I was making bows for them (of course).  Hurray for Fridays!  Bring on Saturday!


  1. Holy cow! You are the busiest person I know! I love how you write by the way ;). Oh, and CONGRATULATIONS on the new baby! Loved how you just kinda snuck that in there lol ;)