Friday, January 20, 2012

Rodent bones

Yesterday was my looooong day at school!  Luckily I was no longer contagious by lunch (from the Strep Throat) and I felt fantastic!  Woohoo!  Either way, I dropped the kids off and went to school.  My first class I'm working on a Pecha Kuchua (Not postive on the spelling) Presentation about me.  I only got 8 slides done!  Yikes!  In an hour and a half.  That's not a good sign.  So, I have to go back and work on it some more.  My next class (still across campus) I didn't manage to finish drawing my cacti.  It's looking cool though!  I came home for Scott to make a salad and me to feed Cecilia.  I had to take the salad with me.  Though the teacher doesn't mind!  We spent the next two hours going over the huge project we need to work on (although I'm not completely worried).  Then we rolled our cans and mine EVEN ROLLED UPHILL!  Woohoo!  So, I had to show him!  We hung around for our next class and managed to make it through.  I wanted to work on my owl pellet while I was still there.  I worked on it the next hour!  And the bones are still in my head, I was seriously concentrating on it.  I still need to finish getting out the hair (YUCK) and separate the bones out into skeletons to glue onto paper.  Um, yeah.  Fun times.  I called Scott to let him know what was up and found out that he had called Sears to fix our dishwasher and a guy had come and fixed the dishwasher.  The bad news was that it just wasn't plugged in well enough and cost us $130.  Then as he was working on it, Scott had to get Ben and the van wouldn't start, so he had to bring the girls in the stroller to get Ben, in the cold!  Ben had a Think Sheet.  Which I didn't find out about until later that night.  He pointed his fingers like a gun at his Resource Room Teacher to get out of the classroom!  Gggrrr!  So, we had a talk!  Anyway, I left the bones to get Kira.  No problem there.  Phew!  Scott had cleaned rather nicely, but cancelled the babysitter (since fixing the dishwasher was so expensive).  So, I used my free Redbox code for a movie and we put the kids to bed a little early and watched Monte Carlo.  We really liked it!  We laughed, which was great!  I LOVE clean shows!  I had to work hard to find a show that was PG and not a cartoon!  Ridiculous! 
Either way, we made it through yesterday and I'm praying that Scott gets this job at the Middle School that he's interviewing for right now!  Even if I have to figure out a sitter!

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