Thursday, January 5, 2012

Third book review

Yes, I did read two books in one day.  Mainly because my tooth hurt and I had to wait for almost three hours at the dentist's office waiting to get squeezed it, but they did and I'm very grateful!  I found out about this book last night when my friend (who's the author) mentioned she had a book out and it was FREE on the Kindle on Amazon.  Score!  I have been wanting to read it since I heard she was working on it, but wasn't one of the lucky few.  Oh well, I am now!  The book is called On Little Wings and it's by Regina Sirois (who is completely amazing)!  Now, for the book review: 
Oh how I loved this book! It was great writing! It was long enough to make me sit down and read for more than a couple of hours! Hurray! I desperately wanted to read, even when I was supposed to be cleaning right before the babysitter came, but I had to know what would happen before I could clean! (Don't worry the 45 minutes we had after I finished gave us time to clean the main floor) I loved the ending, I didn't feel like it was abrupt or left us hanging (too much). I also liked that there wasn't an epilogue, but a list of where we could find all of the awesome poems used in the book! I love, love, love the characters! They were all very real, with understandable hopes, dreams, frustrations... There were a lot of laugh-out-loud parts that I HAD to read to my husband! I only got tears in my eyes once, so I'm a happy camper! As for Jennifer, I hope to convince my kids that they shouldn't be interested in the opposite sex until they're at least 16! That sounds like a really good plan to me! 
I'm really looking forward to more books from her!  This one made for a very enjoyable read during a somewhat sad day!  If you want to get a free one for YOUR kindle before the 8th, go here.  I considered not posting this until after the 8th, so she would get some money for it, but it's too good to not share!  If you do read this after, it's only $3!  For an awesome, long book!  It's worth it! 

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