Friday, January 27, 2012

Fun kiddos

Because it's Friday, I finally get to spend quality time with my lil' girls!  It's always fun to play with these girls that have such interesting ideas!  Emma is trying so hard to become Kira, which is no bueno.  Very much no bueno!  She is trying so hard to be helpful though!  She was worried about Leah going down the stairs the wrong way, so she helped her.  She also took stuff away from Leah, because it was Kira's stuff and we all know that taking Kira's stuff is bad news!  Emma helped me add the flower to her shirt.  So, she was able to sew for the first time.  She did pretty well!
  I love that Leah girl, she can be so sweet!  She walks up and says she wants to comb my hair and so I asked her if she had a comb (which she didn't) and I grabbed  a brush for her.  She's been a lot nicer lately (as opposed to the head banging and/or hair rolling/tangling)!  Phew!  She even brushed longer than four times.  She loves having her hair brushed too, so usually she brushes my hair to get her hair brushed.  So sweet!  She'll give me big hugs and tell me: "I love you too mom!"  Of course I tell her I love her too! 
Cecilia is in the adorable toddler stage, which sadly includes the accidents stage.  She climbs up the bench a lot!  Sometimes on top of the table.  I keep a pretty close eye on her, although I'm still not fast enough every time!  I'm working on it!  I keep hoping she learns to stop climbing the bench!  Poor baby was so tired, so I put her in bed and I love how usually she settles down pretty fast after snuggling up to Violet and listening to the classical music she plays at "bedtime," but tonight not so much.  She was too tired.  She went to sleep pretty fast though!  Phew!
 In the flower shirts that I adorned.
 In their Valentine Dresses from Old Navy (I LOVE Old Navy)

Ben is catching on to the times tables and can add pretty well, it's subtraction that is harder for him.  I'm trying to help him as much as I can!  He's prepping me very well for my future Masters in Special Ed. 
Kira was thrilled to get a 100 on her Spelling test!  I'm pretty excited too!  She's getting better!  I like to think the glasses are the reason she's doing so much better!  And today Emma accidentally pushed her and Kira was hurt, but she stayed calm!  Hurray!  Scott and I immediately complimented her ability to stay calm!  Positive reinforcement immediately! 
Fun times at the Westhoffs, even if Scott didn't get a call back about the job.  Bummer!  But, I'm still hoping for the Bilingual Teacher Aide job for him!  I think it would be awesome!  We have to figure out something!  The daycare I checked out seems pretty fantastic, but expensive ($160 for my three girls for two days a week).  So, if Scott did get the Para job, he'd be making maybe $100 more than what we would pay for the two full days I go to school.  Stink!  We're also thinking hard about what we're doing in the Fall.  I'm having a baby in July, and school starts in August.  This will also be the Semester where relationships die (from what I hear), and I won't know what school I'm assigned to until right before.  So, either I find someone awesome to watch my baby (MY BABY!!!) plus my other babies and get Emma and Leah into school in Olathe.  Or we figure out how to make a ton of money, because it will cost about $5000 for daycare for the Semester.  And my student loans aren't anywhere close to that.  So, lots of prayers and thinking going on here!  LOTS! 

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