Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Fourth Book review

So, I'm about to start a slew of these, so be prepared!  This one is Princess in Peril by Rachelle McCalla.  This is one from the Love Inspired Suspense Line which is fantastic!  Reclaiming the Crown is the series and I really enjoyed this one!  It's about Princess Isabelle from a made up country Lydia, that is saved by her bodyguard when insurgents attack their motorcade.  It progresses to the point that she figures out who the bad guys are and she has to figure out how to save herself and her family from their evil clutches.  I LOVED IT!  I was actually upset that the next one isn't out yet (even though I know it's hard for authors to churn them out)!  I assumed that the whole series had already been written and was just being printed.  I'm looking very much forward to seeing how the rest of the family survived the attack and who they end up with (since they are all romances)!

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