Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My baby is one!

Today is Cecilia's First Birthday!  So, of course she had to eat at four in the morning!  But went back to sleep very nicely after.  Then she woke up at an okay time (eight)!  The kids were desperately wanting me to give her her presents and have cake, but I made them wait.  Kira, Ben and Cecilia all had appointments this morning!  So, we did the divide and conquer thing.  That went well.  Cecilia only cried a little when her blood was taken and Emma had her eyes squeezed shut with her hand over them, so she didn't have to see it!  Leah just wanted a sticker, but got a book instead.  I had to keep Cecilia's coat on once we got home to keep her from ripping the bandaid off.  Funny kiddo! 
Then I got the backdrop all set up and grabbed her presents for some photo session fun!  Hurray!  Scott was my baby wrangler and I could tell he was getting pretty tired of grabbing her and bringing her back to the spot.  Then Ben worked to help her smile, so I got a lot of cute profile shots!  In about the middle of the photoshoot, I realized my lens was covered in dust!  So, the second half are way better!  If you want to see the whole set they are here
Cecilia has only had 2 baths today, which is fine because she loves baths!  She really enjoyed her cupcakes and small piece of cake!  She was covered in blue!  She looked like a smurf!  Great times!  Great kids!

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