Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Tenth Review

Phew!  I'll be all caught up and can start reading again!  This is the sequel to Timeless Moments-Forget Me Not by Michele Ashman Bell, although technically it can be read alone.  This is when they decide to go to Vietnam to help heal them.  The husband-Dalton wants to go and get past his PTSD from being a POW.  The daughter Skyler wants to get to know her mom's side of the family and why her mom was so depressed and committed suicide.  At first Skyler doesn't want her stepmom to be there (although she loves her), but changes her mind once she realizes her dad needs her help!  Crazy things happen as they try and get answers!  Wow!  Seriously, I can't give it away, but Skyler does get to meet her extended family and finds love on the journey.  There are some loose ends tied up in this book from the last book-so we find out what happens to her best friend and how her son does on his mission and how his life is going.

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