Friday, June 29, 2012

Checking off fun things on my to-do list

I made up a huge list of things I need to do, fun things to do and school things to do before Joshua is born.  At least that's my plan.  Today was a get fun things done day.  So, I ironed on letters on shirts to make cute "lil bro" shirt sets for each of my kids and my brother's kids. And I made a KU tie onesie for my KU loving sister-in-law.  See?

It's super easy to do!  You just buy the heavy duty iron on wonder under (so you don't have to sew it), iron it to the wrong side of the fabric, and cut it out.  I made stencils of the letters using cardboard, so I could trace it backwards onto the "paper."  I ironed the cotton shirt I was putting them on, then I cut them out, placed them where I wanted them (to make sure), and took the paper off.  I ironed them on and "tada!"  Just make sure and use an ink pen or pencil in order to trace on the paper, because marker seeps through.
When I was done with that and got my kids in their rooms for quiet time, I got the circular saw and my wood out.  It was my first time using a circular saw, so I was pretty nervous and wanted to make sure my kids weren't around!  I wore my safety goggles and dust mask and was ready!  I cut all of my wood pieces that I had previously marked out where to cut.  Seriously, if I wanted to make a living doing this, I would buy a table saw, so it would have been so much easier!  The base of my thumb still hurts!  Not a ton, thank goodness!  And the kids stayed in their rooms very nicely, so no one got hurt!  Phew!  I cleaned up the sawdust, which was all over my kitchen!  Fun times.  Emma and Cecilia "helped" me clean.  Emma wanted to help so bad, and there was nothing that she could do!  I felt bad, but wanted her safe way more!  I got my husband's drill out and that was pretty worthless!  I managed to get a lot of screws started with it, but for the most part I was using a plain screwdriver.  Hence the reason my palm still hurts.  Some of my cuts weren't quite right (because the saw blade is thicker than my pencil line and because I was so nervous), so it's not perfect, but I still think I did a pretty fantastic job for my first real wood project!  This is what it looks like right now.  I still need to wood putty in spaces and cover the screws and paint.  So, it's on its way.
 From the side
From the foot of the bed.
I used the tutorial from here.  
She obviously knows what she's doing and has real tools.  Someday I want real tools.  I adjusted her lengths in order to make sure a sleeping baby would fit very nicely!  So, I added a couple inches in length.  I'm just excited it turned out as well as it did!  It was a long day!
I only had one real contraction and a few extended Braxton Hicks, so I'm not worried about having this baby too soon!  Which is great, since I will be doing maternity pictures for my sister-in-law tomorrow!

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