Friday, June 8, 2012

New Kitchen Floor

I bought the cool planks a little while ago, and they've just been sitting next to the table, waiting for me to put them down.  I woke up early this morning with lots of energy, so I decided today was the day!  I had breakfast and got to work.  I had to move the breakfast nook to the other side of the room, sweep, and mop.  My girls loved helping mop.  How fantastic!  I think it's because in the last house we couldn't mop at all (we had wall-to-wall carpetting). 

Then I got to work.  I really should have used a utility knife, but couldn't find my husband's, so I just used scissors and my right hand is hurting now!  It went down pretty easy, even with "helpers."  I got the bulk of it down in about three hours, but it took me another hour and a half (or so) in order to get the edges in.  It took me that long to measure and cut and cut again.  It makes me very happy to see how it turned out.  I paid about $130 for 4 boxes of planks and only used three and a half.  My mother-in-law came over and she liked it so much that she's going to try out the other half of the last box in her renter's apartment (see if it works well there)!  Either way, I have new floating flooring and I think it looks awesome!  I will get this place looking nicer!  I will!
 Leah mopping the old floor.
The new floor about four hours later.

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  1. Such cute kids! :) Keeping your kitchen floor in good condition is really an imperative in a house. Considering the chores being done in a kitchen, it is important to have a floor that’s easy to work with.

    Alana Geikie