Monday, June 11, 2012


I'm desperately hoping today gets better!  I woke up super early thanks to Scott having a nightmare that Emma was crying and he was searching all over for her.  She was on the floor next to my side of the bed.  Then there were storms (and I hardly ever sleep through storms).  I was so excited to get laundry going that I overloaded the washer, and now (I think) the coupler broke. 
 The unspun clothes
The rootbeer extract plus ice plus brown sugar mess Emma made.  Gggrrr...
So, I get to hand wring out everything in the washer, take it apart and fix the coupler.  Another story to add to the many things I do while pregnant.  I have at least ten loads to wash (because the girls' clothes reproduce, if you ask me) and two of the loads are of mine and Scott's clothes.  Plus towels.  So, I really need to get it fixed.  Plus two of the mirror tiles have fallen off and been broken.  Bummer!  I made muffins for breakfast, which turned out okay!  Hurray!  A happy thing this morning!  Then we managed to have family prayer before Scott hightailed it out of here.  I was encouraged by all of my lessons yesterday at church, so wanted to continue reading scriptures with my kiddos.  They wanted to act them out.  Yep.  That backfired.  We made it through the chapter though!  That's pretty good, since we haven't read scriptures together since we moved.  Then Scott calls to let me know he locked his keys in his van.  So, I had to hurry and get ready to rescue my husband.  I even took pictures to document it.  It's not very often that I get to rescue Scott! 

Then I took our five kids to the appliance store to get the part I thought I needed to fix the washer(I was wrong).  Luckily I was able to tell him what happened and he told me the likely culprit, so I got that part instead (since the one I thought I needed didn't exist).  They did well there, so each got a piece of candy.  Shame on me for letting them eat them!  We went to the grocery store and loaded up (I really don't like shopping with my kids, so I get a ton to make sure it will last us the week-at least).  Emma kept yelling "Honk!  Honk!"  Kira kept "pointing out things."  She didn't want them, just showing them to us.  Yeah right.  They did pretty well for the most part, until it was time to check out.  Then Leah started screaming that she didn't want to leave.  She didn't want to go home.  Good grief!  So, I had to "help" her out to the car, because she was doing the rag doll.  I was also holding Cecilia on my hip.  I'm never going anywhere with these kids when Joshua is born!  Number one because we don't have enough seats in the car, and number two, because I can't hold that many kids!  The good news is that Kira found her very favorite popsicle-the rootbeer float popsicles.  And all of the kids helped bring groceries in (except Cecilia, who had fallen asleep, but that was very helpful too)!  We ate some yummy pizza (big sale on our favorite frozen pizzas at Hyvee) and I'll soon be meeting with the lady that has the toddler bed.  Now to figure out how to take my washer apart and fix the coupler.  I'm going in!

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