Monday, June 18, 2012

Fishing Derby

So, Saturday morning was the Fishing Derby.  We weren't running too late, so that was good!  Scott couldn't go with us, because he had to go get our "new" washer and dryer from Lee's Summit, so it was me and the kiddos.  We got all registered (and got the last t-shirts) and got worms to realize that they didn't have fishing poles.  Yeah, I know.  So, we drove to Wal-mart and bought a fishing pole for them all to share and found a nice relatively clear spot and worked on learning how to fish.  Luckily they had given us a bobber and lures with hooks in them in the kids' registration bags!  Since our fishing pole didn't come with them!  The kids did not like putting worms on the hook and I had to work hard to keep the hook still.  Most of the time they just draped a worm on the hook.  Kira managed to pierce two worms.  It was a LONG morning!  Here's pictures of all the kids fishing (or trying to fish).

Cecilia didn't fish, she just ate snacks and walked around.
So, we made it through the fishing derby and then had the free lunch there.  Poor Ben was convinced that fishing is just luck and that we weren't lucky, which is why we didn't catch anything (that and I had NO idea what I was doing)!  I was worried about a repeat of his behavior after he didn't win the Turkey Run.  Mainly he just mumbled about how upset he was that he wasn't any good at fishing and how he had NEVER caught a fish (although he caught a few last year at the Cub Scout Day Camp).  I have to say the all or nothing thinking is a big pet peeve of mine.  I REALLY don't like it!  We made it through and went home.  Phew!

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