Sunday, June 10, 2012

I LOVE my new rug!

Now I'm a super happy camper!  I LOVE my new kitchen floor!  It makes me very happy.  Especially that my hand was only sore for half a day.  Phew!  I got awesome stuff at Bulky Item Pickup in Lenexa last night (and am looking forward to doing it again next Friday)!  I picked up a turtle sandbox, three (although I thought I grabbed four, only three made it inside) rugs, a twin mattress, and a white dresser.  So now Leah will be able to sleep on a mattress next to the bunk beds and as soon as I buy a "new" toddler bed (which will hopefully happen on Monday when I meet someone from Craigslist) Cecilia will no longer be sleeping in Ben's room, so Ben can!  I want to get her used to her new bed before Joshua comes and takes over "her" bed.  She saw the picture of it and nodded her head when I asked her if she wanted it!  The dresser is Cecilia's, so I need to put her clothes in and then I can go through all of the baby boy clothes I've been collecting and put the ones that he'll wear first in the drawers that I empty out of my dresser after I get Cecilia's stuff out.  My sister-in-law and one of my best friends here are both pregnant with boys, so my collection of clothes will probably go a long way!  Anyway, back to why I'm thrilled!  I have been entering into a few giveaways in order to win a rug from Mohawk Home, because their rugs are awesome!  Two are from Mohawk Home!  They are beautiful and look almost brand new!  It's the one in my Living Room and my family loves laying on it!  They even dogpiled on it and Scott fell asleep on it, it's that comfortable!  I love the feel of it on my feet!  And I have one in my room.  I haven't put it down yet.  Maybe I'll find time.  And they're made in the US!  Fantastic!  It really brightens up my Living Room and I LOVE it!  I'll add pictures later (since I desperately need to get to bed)! 
 The living room rug
My bedroom rug

I got more unpacking done today and got the cardboard boxes out.  Hurray!  Now I have a very full bookshelf (it was my linen cabinet, but now we have a hall closet)!  Next big project (on Monday), is going through clothes, weeding them down to a manageable level, and storing very few of them!  Then when I get the laundry room under control, I will work on the flooring in there.  Phew!

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