Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Well, it's Wednesday

We've made it a whole three days (four if you count Sunday) so far completely tv-free.  Although I will admit to watching "Arise" on youtube this morning to help myself wake up.  Have you seen/heard it?  Either way, click on it and listen!  What a great message!  I like listening to it first thing in the morning, in the hopes it will help me get out of bed on the right side! 
Anyway, my kids are down to asking for tv only a couple times a day now.  They know they're not going to watch tv, so play outside a lot (which is creating a ton of wet towels, luckily I have a nice washer and dryer)!  I'm still working on the whole chore thing.  Scott's in charge of assignments, but not follow-through (that has to be one of my many departments), so Ben has one of the easiest jobs in the house-taking out the trash and Emma has one of the hardest-dishes.  Although Ben hurt his foot yesterday, so it's hard for him to walk and we have a dishwasher, so Emma only has to load and unload.  Kira has laundry, so she's in charge of bringing dirty clothes down and I magically make them clean, folded and separated.  After working all day long.  Every day.  I've got to figure out how to make this work for us, because there is no way I can fill in the MANY gaps once I have Joshua and especially when school starts and the mad craziness begins! 
Now on to the funnies/crazies of the day.  I turned on for some music and Cecilia proceeds to start dancing around.  There's something about a baby dancing that cheers me up, no matter how sad I may be (not that I was sad).  I love how she goes in circles, althernating on her tiptoes and not!  It's so cute!  Kira was climbing on the counter, because she is always STARVING and is a scavenger.  She found a can of something she wanted and for some reason was holding onto the cabinet door and it completely broke off.  Not at the hinge, no there's a small trim piece that it broke off of.  Emma decided to take Ben's mattress off his bed and slide it down the stairs for a fun thing to do.  She was right, Leah loved it!  Especially as they were trying to put it back in his room and I was recording.  They got it upstairs, because Kira didn't want me posting the video on Youtube.  They have watched too much tv to think that there are people randomly pushing on videos that would find ours and we'd become "superstars."  Not likely, for which I am very grateful!  The girls were questioning me as to why they couldn't marry their brother.  Number one:  EEEEWWWW!!!!  Number two:  their children would have lots of disabilities.  How many?  they asked.  So many, that they might not live.  Ooohhh....  Then Kira asked about girls marrying girls and I had to explain that together they can't make kids, that's why Heavenly Father made men and women.  Then, of course, the whole my having my baby came up.  Emma was talking about my belly being opened and then closed after the baby came out.  Oh, I hope that is not the way it goes!  Kira disagreed with her and told her that I have to push the baby out of my privates and it makes me bleed so much that I won't be able to hold anyone for weeks, even Cecilia!  Such deep topics today. 
I wasted most of my day figuring out our bills and entering giveaways.  The kids asked me what I was doing and I told them trying to win books, because we love to read.  Emma disagreed.  "No we don't, we love to draw!"  Yes, we do love to draw, but we also like to read. 
Now if I can get this Leapfrog toy to stop randomly talking and freaking me out, it'll be a good night.  After I finish everyone's chores, since I am the cleaning fairy.


  1. Have you tried We love it because the kids pick their rewards and their incentives. It's totally customizable for each kid and each week. Love it!