Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day!

Dan, Jerrie and Tamera 2 weeks.jpg

I realized that I can't find half of what I needed to make my dad and husband's Father's Day gifts.  I let myself get distracted and so their presents will be late, but they will still know I love them dearly!  This is one of our family's first pictures.  I hear I look a lot like my dad!   
He is all about service!  He served in the Military for over twenty years.  He has served neighbors, friends, family, and acquaintances.  If it has a motor or computer, my dad can probably fix it!  He's so cool!  He's the best dad in the whole wide world and I think he likes me too!  Every once in awhile I'll do something well enough to get complimented by my dad and it always means so much to me!  He taught me that I can do it, so I sure try!  He's the reason I know as much as I do about cars, and why I'm able to try and fix my washing machine.  Even if I wasn't able to fix it and bought a new set instead (don't worry, it was $100 for the set on Craigslist)!  Either way, my dad is awesome!  I think part of his present will be getting all of his tools back  (that I borrowed to try and fix my washer, while he was out of town).  He's quite the traveller!  He is also a Temple worker (with my mom) on Saturdays!  They just got started two weeks ago and love it!  I was pretty excited for them!


The first time Scott became a dad.  Look at that face!  I have tons of pictures of him sleeping with kiddo(s) on his arm.  He tries so hard to be a good dad and when he feels like he's not doing a good job, he feels horrible!  I think he's a great dad!

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I love the happiness on his face when he met our first daughter!  How sweet!
Daddy kira and emma.JPG
Holding tight to number three to keep her safe!

New baby 4.JPG
Right after Leah was born and he was already trying to help her feel better.  It worked, the next picture she wasn't crying anymore!

See he's got the holding a baby down to an art!  I love that he is so good about helping out and being understanding!  He is fantastic at talking to the kids and explaining to them why they have chores and why they should clean, no matter who made the mess!  I'm sure that he's looking forward to meeting the newest Westhoff too!  We make quite the team and I'm so glad that he's my kids' dad!  I love you honey!  You're the best dad for our kids!

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