Thursday, June 28, 2012

Thursday Tutorial: How to make those Singed Flower Bouquets!

 First you cut a whole bunch of circles (they don't have to be perfect) out of satin material.  I do about three different sizes.  Just remember you will be burning the edges, so you want to make them big enough to burn the edges!
 Here's the cardboard cutouts I did first to use as templates.  So you can see about how much difference you want in the sizes.
 Then you burn the edges.  Since I always do a ton at a time, I use a candle.  This is a Diamond Candle and I love it!  It burns forever and smells awesome!  And it even comes with a ring in it!
 This is what they look like when you burn just the edges.
 Just stacking them to see how it looks.
 I prefer keeping the same colors together.  So, I lined these up to see what I thought.
 Here are my tons of petals I did!
 This is a 3/8" ribbon, about three inches long.  You can adjust this according to what you want too.
 Fold it like an awareness ribbon and put a dot of glue right there in the middle.
 And then just fold it down and glue again.
 See, like I said, I do things in bulk.  The USA ribbons I preferred as awareness ribbons.
 Burn the edges.
 Here is one that I just glued together with extra petals.  Mainly because I have to do something quick in the middle of a longer project.
 Here I am starting to put the silk circles together.  Just put some hot glue in a circle in the middle.
 Here are all three glued together with a bead glued in the middle.  You can always skip the hot glue and just sew the bead in the middle and that will put them all together.
 Lining them up the way I wanted.
 And adding the extra bows.
 First you figure out what size elastic you want for the headband.  Cut it a tiny bit bigger and glue together.  Fabric glue works fantastic!
 Glue felt onto the elastic (felt glue is awesome too).
Glue felt onto the other side.  That seals the elastic in.  Make sure you glue where you sealed the elastic in. Then you glue the silk flowers on where you want them.  Add any accessories you would like.
Here it is all glued together and on my daughter's head.  I made a ton, here are some of the other ones I made.
 I made some bright sunshiney ones.
 And an animal print one.
 A ladybug inspired one.
And the patriotic ones!  My girls picked what they wanted!
Now you don't have to make headbands, you can always use these flowers to accent a shirt, skirt or dress (I did a whole bunch on a skirt).  

I even made some matching ones for my little girl's shoes!  If you want to use just one, maybe more at a time, you can just glue them to a clip/barrette/brooch, or a regular plastic headband.

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