Friday, June 15, 2012

What is love?

On the way home today, Ben was worrying about not getting dates here in Olathe, because I made the bad decision to move them to Olathe.  I reminded him that he couldn't date until he was 16 anyway, so he really shouldn't worry about it.  He still did, so I promised him that if he couldn't get a date here when he was 16, I would drive him down to Emporia to date.  I'm counting on it not being a problem.  Anyway, Emma chimed in "When I'm old enough to have a boyfriend and can date, will you drive me down to date Tate if he's not dating too?"  Sure, I replied.  "Good!  Because I love him!"  (O-kay)  Then Ben wanted to question Emma:  "What is love?"  Emma answered:  "Love is when you love someone so much that you want to date them.  The girl will be beautiful to you and you'll want to date her.  You will feel passionate toward her!"  (Where she got the word "passionate" I'm not sure)  Ben again:  "Does love make you cry when you're away from each other?"  Emma:  "No!  There's no crying!"  Ben:  "Well, I love Aurora and when I miss her, I cry."  Emma was quiet after that.  Obviously her idea of love didn't include crying!

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