Saturday, January 22, 2011

Baby Shower

I had a miserable morning, but my day went great once I went to my baby shower!  Of course I can't complain about my morning, because it was poor Scott that had to deal with his foot being sliced open.  Poor guy!  I'm glad it stopped bleeding!  On to the better part of the day...  My mom and dad came early, which was fantastic, because mom helped me remember hydrogen peroxide!  And I got a break!  Mom and I went to the baby shower.  A lot of people came, so I felt really loved!  It's always so nice of people to give presents and help celebrate a new life!  Sister East is so awesome for thinking of it!  So, now I have had a shower for all of my "odd" kids.  My mom threw a family one for me with Ben.  Julia McCauley and Marie Johnson threw one for me with Emma and now Julie East threw one for me for Cecilia.  How sweet!  We got a LOT of diapers and wipes (which is AWESOME!), some really cute clothes, baby wash, lotion, wash cloths, burp rags (that are super cute), a purse bank (adorable), 2 cds, and a bath and changing caddy.  Thanks to all that came, it was VERY appreciated!  And even better, my family took Emma with them to Olathe for the weekend!  Score!  I am a whole lot tired of her wasting everything.  She destroyed the last of my deoderant, poured out the rest of my shower gel in the sink (I wondered what the smell was when I walked into the house and discovered what it was after she left, lucky for her), and poured out all of the hand soap upstairs.  So, I have a day and a half free of everything being wasted!  Woohoo!  And Melissa and Chris are coming on Monday and Melissa is going to cut my hair, so I'm very excited!  And now, more pictures (because I love pictures)! 
                         Some of the presents!
                             More of the presents!
                                                     I love it!
                                          My baby giraffe
                                         With her daddy.
                                       Sleeping angel
                          I was so excited to get the wings in!


  1. I have something for you. I thought the baby shower was tonight. So I didn't make it but I do have a gift for you.

  2. Wow! Thanks! Do you want to bring it to church next Sunday?