Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Key Lime Pie review

So, I gave in and dornloaded the Kindle for PC so I can read books that much faster and I just finished Keey Lime Pie.  I love Josi Kilpack's books in general, so I wasn't surprised to sit down and read this one in less than 2 hours (I had to feed my baby and children in there).  That Sadie...  If you haven't read the first three I strongly urge you to do so.  Great books and awesome recipes!  This book I have been looking forward to for awhile since I LOVE Key lime pie.  Anyway...back to the review.  I really enjoyed the fact that Sadie is so nosy.  How else would she get herself into such huge messes that we can read about?  It was a little awkward with the whole random Eric like thing.  But, that could just be because I'm not a bad boy kind of person.  I didn't like Eric as a character at all, but I do like Pete, so I'm glad he still had a part in this book!  I'm certainly glad that Sadie safely made it through another adventure and am looking forward to Blackberry Crumble coming soon.  When is Spring anyway?

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