Thursday, January 6, 2011

Top Ten of 2010

Since I feel like I slept enough and my ibruprofen is working I'd like to go over my top thirteen favorite things of last year!

                           Being pregnant again, during a move.  But, everything went well!
 Doing new things, like having a house (rental) and having a small bonfire so the kids could cook hot dogs and roast marshmallows
                  Being in the newspaper, for starting a group to improve the neighborhood park
 Ben getting baptized!  Anyone that knows us, knows Ben has Autism and is terribly afraid of water!
 Having a family in the ward add us in as family, so we still had Christmas Eve festivities, even though we couldn't travel to Olathe!
                          Having the whole family together!  Chris is back from his mission!
                                                           Having great in-laws!
                                          Learning how to make lots of fun things!
                                 Having 2 kids in school all day, and being able to walk!
                      Being in a Parade and being a Wolf Den Leader (now Ben is my den too)
                                                    Spending time with my girls
 Going back to school and getting great grades!  The girls were shuttled back and forth between Scott and I on three days of the week!
And of course the many Concerts I have had the opportunity to go to!  I usually bring Kira and it's our One-on-one time together.  I think her favorite part is the treats at the end!
Maybe not amazing or awe-inspiring, but my very favorite thing about 2010 is that it's over!  Bring on the new year!

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