Thursday, January 13, 2011

School is back in session!

So, yesterday I started back at school, less than a week and a half after having my baby!  Craziness, I know!  Cecilia is doing great though!  Yesterday i only had the one class, so no problem!  It was a good start!  But, today, that's a different story!  I went to class at 8 and then got done early at about 9:30, so I called Scott and begged him to get me, so I could feed Cecilia before my next class (a 2 hour class).  He came and we parked at a nearby park, so I could try to wake her up well enough to feed her.  Then I had to go to class.  It's fun seeing how many people are in the same classes as me!  So, after class Scott picked me back up to go home for me to make lunch, feed Cecilia and then go to Ashli's house, because Scott had an appointment and I had class before he would get done.  This was a lot harder because Emma had to go potty when I wanted to leave, so she took off her pants and shoes.  And there was a mess in the bathroom, so I had to clean up the mess, and get Emma dressed.  Then I had to put the car seat base in the other van, and move seats around.  I also had to clean the van off, since it hasn't moved since the big snowstorm.  It was great to sit with Ashli for a few minutes and talk!  I went to my next class and we got out early, so I went to Braum's and got some milk and some food for dinner (lasagna and cheesy garlic bread with a salad).  I came home, put the food away, to go get Ben and Kira from school.  I came back with them and fed Cecilia and then studied for my Basic Music Test Out.  I went and took that test.  I doubt I passed, but I did better than the last time I took it!  I just can't memorize major and minor key signatures.  Oh well!  I came home to Scott cooking dinner!  How sweet!  I helped him with that, and he helped Ben vacuum so our Living Room isn't as much of a wreck!  Then we watched Wipeout!  The kids went to bed pretty easy.  I only had to sing 2 songs and give hugs and kisses!  Nice!  Now, I need Cecilia to wake up so I can stock her up, so i can sleep for a little while tonight!  The great news is that I don't have school until Tuesday!  Woohoo!

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