Thursday, January 27, 2011

Good times

I took my first test of the semester today (well, other than the basic music test out) and I think I did well.  If nothing else, it didn't take me long!  So, I had an hour until my next class and was able to get something done that is due later this semsester.  It was completely fun though!  I talked to Scott while I was doing it.  In that class our group is performing an experiment to see what kills bacteria best.  I'll try to remember to put it on here when I find out!  I might be changing my career goal, because after talking to one of the Professors in the Special Ed department, I found out that School counselors are getting laid off due to budget cuts.  And school psychologists are still needed, because they're doing their work and the counselors!  So, now it looks like I'll start my Special Ed masters while I'm finishing up my undergrad and then after I finish that, I'll start on my School Psychologist degree.  A lot of school, but that's fine with me!  We cleaned up the main floor of our house in preparation for the babysitters' arrival.  Woohoo!  Bring on the date!  Scott and I need a break from demanding children, who try to boss us around! 

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