Sunday, January 2, 2011

More "false" labor

Otherwise known as completely unproductive labor!  I woke up at 3 this morning and was sick!  I wasn't able to sleep until after five thirty (after I was sick again).  Then the labor pains started at 8.  So, I wasn't about to go to church (I teach the Nursery class) and Scott wasn't going to leave me there in labor, so he stayed home too.  I took a little nap and while I slept my family drove in!  So, I woke up to fun times!  They do a great job of distracting me through the pain!  My only problem was that I couldn't eat!  So, my stomach was rumbling in between contractions!  We played the Family Cranium game and Celestial Companions (I didn't win either game) and then we decided to go and get me checked out to see how things were going at 6:30.  They monitored me and checked me and I wasn't up to much, so I got to walk around for an hour.  Then she checked me again and the contractions were 2-3 minutes apart and I was up to a 2 and they still sent me home to come back at 6 in the morning to be induced.  So, my poor family don't get to see a baby yet!  My mom and Kim were able to stay and everyone else went home to Olathe.  Some of them are going to come back tomorrow, when hopefully I have my baby.  My nurse was really frustrating me, because she kept telling me that if I feel a lot of pressure or have my water break that I can come back earlier.  Two things which would NEVER happen on their own and I TOLD her that multiple times!  It's just mean to suggest it!  So, we came home and I finally got to eat something.  I had some toast and a popsicle.  I only have until midnight to eat, so I wanted to eat something!  This baby is so stubborn!  Who knows when she'll finally come out!?!

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