Wednesday, January 19, 2011


This afternoon was absolutely not my finest moments as a mom.  The good news is that I have never said I was a perfect (or even a good) mother!  My little girls and I were having so much fun together.  Emma and I "made" Christmas cookies (y'know the ones that you just stick in the oven).  She was so excited and even had us both wear aprons to do it.  Very nice.  It even came with frosting!  So, yeah, good times.  Then I put Cecilia in a giraffe costume to take a few pictures to kill time before having to pick the kids up from school.  Since Scott was still in school, I had to bring all three girls to the school.  This is where everything went downhill!  We were running late, since I had to get all three into the car along with the stroller, because it is just safer to travel across any streets that way!  Since it's snowing, it's a little slick out, so I had to drive slower.  We park by the school and I got the stroller out.  Emma tried to get in and I had to tell her no, since Cecilia needed to go in.  So, she was crying and didn't want to move from the tree.  Leah then refused to sit in the stroller.  It's freezing cold and snowing, we're running late and I have 2 girls throwing a fit.  I convince Emma to walk, but she rebels by walking SLOW!  I held onto Leah telling her every couple seconds that she was going to fall out if she didn't sit down.  Which of course happened.  I tried to catch her, so she wasn't as hurt.  Then she sat down, but was crying.  Emma was still walking slowly behind me and I told her that I was getting very frustrated, because I really don't like being late.  Then she falls down (like I said, it was slick)!  The guy walking behind me helped her up and asked if there was anything he could do.  Nope.  Though it was really nice of him to ask!  I comforted her and had her walk next to me.  Kira was waiting for me with a Think Sheet (meaning she was so bad at school that I had to sign a form saying she was going to have to give up some of her recess to make up for whatever she did).  Sheesh!  I asked her if she was trying to ruin my day.  Nope, just needed me to sign the form.  It was just because she colored when the teacher asked her not to.  Phew!  She wasn't cheating!  Then we waited for Ben.  He finally came and we got out of there! 
Because I had to pick up Scott in less than an hour I decided to be nutty and go to the grocery store.  With all five kids!  What on earth was I thinking?   And Poor Leah had fallen asleep, so I had to wake her up to get her out of the car.  The good news is that no one fell out of the grocery cart and I didn't have any surprises when I checked out!  The lady that bagged our groceries even brought our groceries out to the car (she felt sorry for me obviously).  We get the groceries in, get Emma buckled in, and I had to grab Leah to get her buckled in.  I closed the door (thinking my keys were in my pocket) and Leah locked all the doors.  Really?  I talked to the kids through the window and told them to open the door.  It took a couple minutes before Kira finally opened my door.  I grabbed Leah to bonk my head on the door.  Fantastic.  I got her buckled in and left to get Scott.  We parked and a couple minutes later Scott came out with all of my school supplies.  Hurray!  Then the day got better again.  Hurray for Scott!  He even changed my little giraffe's really poopy diaper.  I didn't know a newborn could poop that much!  What an afternoon!  But, we made it and have eaten dinner.  As long as no one sees my house right now, we're all good!

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