Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year's!

My kids are all better!  Emma woke me up this morning telling me, "All the kids are better!"  I was just shocked to find that I slept through the whole night!  Woohoo!  I slept and the kids are well, what a great start to a new year!  I decided to forego cleaning like crazy (since I did a considerable amount of cleaning last night before bed) and craft instead!  Woohoo!  I love me some crafts!  I made a flower hat (though sadly I needed more flowers) and a super cute tutu attached to a top for Cecilia.  She's going to be the best dressed baby model around!  I just need to find a good place to take pictures inside (though I have some ideas)!  And have her born!  I also made 3 I spy things for quiet time at church!  I love that people have free tutorials!  I made a fish one, a crab one and a person.  They're not fantastic, but that's mainly due to me using what I had and my sewing machine being broke (Sniff, sniff).  Either way, I've had some fun!  My sister Kim is here until after I have this baby, which is fantastic!  I have someone to hang out with while I'm staying up at night and someone my kids LOVE, so I don't have to hold Leah constantly!  I'm telling you, fantastic!  I drove her around, so she can now get to church, the grocery store and the kids' school, so we're ready!  If only this baby would come!

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