Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The few Engagement Pics I got

My brother and his fiancee, Melissa came down on Monday.  Great times!  Melissa cut my hair (and I love it), and I took a few Engagement pics at the school.  They aren't fantastic, but they're better than the only other pictures we have of them together!  Chris was sick in those.  Either way, we had fun together!  We even got to play Settlers!  Woohoo!  Great times at the Westhoffs'!  Schoolwise, I have my first test tomorrow.  Eek!  I should probably be considering that instead of being lazy and reading books.  What can I say?  I get distracted really easy.  I completely love my Art Appreciation class!  I get to sketch!  I HAD to buy a sketchbook!  Woohoo!  I may not be any good, but I love to do it and hope to take calsses at some point.  Not at this school obviously, since they only have one drawing class.  Gggrrr.  Don't let me get started on this school! 
I need to check on my laundry, so we don't drown in it!  I'm also going to sell some stuff on ebay, since my kids have way too many clothes!  I'd rather wash clothes more often (though if everything worked well, it would make it easier.  I have to spin the washer drum to get it going and the dryer timer/heating element isn't working well.  So, it takes a LONG time to dry clothes.  It does work eventually, so I am NOT complaining!  I don't want to have to afford all new appliances, so we are very happy with what we have!  My kids are doing well.  Emma has only managed to make a couple of small messes and pour water into the Epsom salt bag.  Um, yeah.  She is very adept at doing things in that little amount of time I'm not paying attention.  I can't keep an eye on everyone all of the time!  Not that I don't try!   
Now if you didn't know before, you know now, I'm completely random!  On to the pictures!
                            With my hair cut and styled
                                 Chris and Melissa


  1. Great Pics. Love your hair. I need to get rid of clothes to. Serious, I can go weeks without doing laundry just because they have so many clothes to wear. (I try not to ever go weeks though...just A week and that's murder in an of itself)