Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sunday update

So, to start off with, great news!  Friday night I gave in and tried on my pre-pregnancy jeans.  And they FIT!  So, I got to wear a normal pair of jeans yesterday!  Since I could wear normal clothes, I wanted to celebrate and go off for awhile by myself.  Scott wanted me to go to the pet store and pick up some fish for our empty tank.  So, I did.  The only problem was that I locked the keys in the car.  It turned out okay, because I went into a store I had never been in and found a present for my girls for Valentine's Day plus I found boxes of Russell Stover's white chocolates.  Woohoo!  They aren't cheap, but it'll give Scott something to get me for Valentine's Day!  When Scott came to rescue me, I gave him the fish and got Kira and Emma.  I thought that it would be fun, some girl time.  Yeah, no.  They spent the whole time: "Can I have this?  How about this?..."  Ggrrr!  I really needed the early bedtime and the yummy white chocolates after they went to bed!  Ben got up afterwards and helped himself to one.  He was pretty excited about them too!  Can't say I blame him.  He was so funny last night!  He found something broken in his room and immediately went to Emma to blame her.  He told her, "You have a history of breaking things!"  He's right!  And she's also really good at wasting things to "save" them.  For instance the new toothpaste I got yesterday.  She poured out two huge globs of toothpaste onto a bath toy.  Beautiful.  I'm glad I got the one with more in it! 
Now, onto today.  I really wanted to go to church, because my husband got a new calling and it's a big one:  Executive Secretary.  I wanted to be there to sustain him and be there for his setting apart.  It was very nice!  I also got to give back the dishes to the people that were so kind as to bring us food!  And we got two blankets for her!  They are beautiful!  How sweet!  Cecilia did really well at church!  I did got to my Nursery class.  I have four little girls and a little boy in my class, so the little girls were loving Cecilia!  They wanted to hold the "pink baby!"  We made it through church!  Phew!  And Scott got home pretty fast.  I got a nap with Cecilia and Leah!  Another WOOHOO!  Naps are precious!  Anyway. On to pictures.  Since I love taking pictures of my cute baby!  And there's one of me.
                                       I have ALWAYS wanted one of these cute bow pictures!
                          She's smiling.  I love these little smiles!  They make everything worth it!
                                                                          Pretty cute!
                     I love my Leah!  This would have been even better is she hadn't just ate spaghetti!
       Emma love love loves her baby sister.  I am all the time telling her to back up and give her a break!
                                                                          It's true!
                                                       See how much smaller my belly is!

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  1. You look great and I am glad you like the blanket.